Lincoln Impact Grease Fitting Cleaner

Part Number: LNI-5805
Clean Hardened Grease From Fittings!
Grease that has hardened in a fitting or joint often forces equipment out of service for disassembly and repair. Lincoln’s new Impact Fitting Cleaner flushes lubricant passages of dried or separated grease. The Model 5805 clears blockages so that fresh grease can be applied.

Clears hardened grease from fittings and joints

Eliminates the need to disassemble joints or replace fittings

Forces light oil through clogged lubrication points


Steel drive cylinder, Hardened piston, Safety shield, High-pressure hose for hard-to-access fittings, Spare drive seals, Lincoln’s Model 5852 coupler

Price:  $31.87
Weight:  2.50