Cal Van Microboost Allstart 540

Part Number: CAL-540
Portable Power Source with Jump Start Function
• The smallest and lightest portable power unit on the
market. Easily stored in glovebox, center console or
• 200 Cold Cranking Amps 300 Peak
• Uses 8000mAh high capacity, high power, battery, that
is fast charging and has low self-discharge, cycles can
reach 1000 times.
• Features include 12V emergency start, LED flashlight
and USB port for device use and charging
• Three (3) lighting modes: Standard, Strobe, SOS
• Multiple built in safety features
• Includes patented technology
Dimensions: 5” L x 3” H x 1” W
Weight: .75 lbs
Price:  $68.88
Weight:  4.50