Enhanced Jumper Cables for the Boost (550) and Micro-Boost (540)!

Part Number: CAL-551
The Intelli-Clamps are the safest and most durable way to utilize your Lithium Jump Starter/Power Bank jump start
feature. Built in safety features allow even someone with no vehicle battery experience to perform jump starts with no
worries or second guessing. For the pro looking to have clamps that hold up in situations where there is high amperage,
short circuit, and repetitive use, we’ve got you covered there as well.
Features Include:
No Spark Safety – There is no spark when hooking clamps to the vehicle, even if the clamps touch together, still no
spark. Clamps become active once they recognize a good connection with vehicle battery.
Cross Polarity Protection - If the user hooks them up backwards you have no spark. Red LED on Clamp will let you
know something is not right.
Short Circuit Protection – If the vehicle has a short in the battery circuit the Intelli-Clamps will automatically shut
Real Time Amperage Reading – The Clamps recognize cranking amps in real time, cranking time is set accordingly to
protect the unit and vehicle.
Automatic Cool Down – To prevent over-cranking and overheating clamps will auto shutdown in overuse situations.
LED Feedback – LED’s on clamp will flash to let user know of trouble with either unit or vehicle. Number of flashes
determine trouble code that can be referenced.
Auto-Shutoff – Once vehicle is started Clamps will automatically shut down.
Override Switch and Safety Shutdown Switch – If the voltage is too low on vehicle battery the clamps will not activate
and the suggestion would be to replace battery. If the user would still like to attempt jump start they can hit override
switch to jump vehicle and still leave most safety features active. Also if a problem occurs during jump start the
switch can be used as a quick shutdown.
Price:  $19.95
Weight:  0.50