Mayhew The Speedy, Universal Inner Tie Rod Tool

Part Number: MAY-29910
The SPEEDY is a universal tool designed to remove and mount inner tie rods on vehicles. The patented roller and cam mechanism adapts itself automatically to every kind of shape and diameter of the inner tie rod. The SPEEDY slips on easily, does away with fumbling for separate size attachments: saving you time and money!


Patented roller and cam mechanism
Grips securely on round, hexagonal and octagonal tie rods.
Extends working diameter range: 35mm-45mm
Working on 99% of inner tie rod models.
Accommodates most every length and diameter of tie rod.
No fussing with separate, loose attachments.
Narrow profile allows easy use in confined spaces.
Long shaft tube helps keep wrenches from damaging auto body.
Price:  $109.87
Weight:  5.00