ALC 36" x 24" Benchtop Cabinet Sand Blaster

Part Number: ALC-40390
ALC Sandy Jet Made in the U.S.A.
This is a Heavy Duty unit built of the highest quality components and comes with trigger operated guns. One piece construction allows no seams or leaks. The oversize top window/door (with self adhesive window underlay) creates better visibility. 30" x 20" work area. Full width top door. Min. 7 CFM at 80 psi. Gloves included. Door opening 13" x 25". Plastic Benchtop design. Recommend use with shop vacuum as a dust collector (use your own). Made in the U.S.A.

Common Replacement Parts please call for price and availabilty

40338 optional light kit
11643 Replacement Plexiglass window
11698 Window "peel off" underlay package of 5

Nozzle kits usually come with Contents: 2 nozzles, air jet, air jet washer, wrench
1/4" Replacement nozzle ceramic 40057 (40060 kit) Steel 40051 (40054 kit)
13/64" Replacement nozzle ceramic 40056 (40059 kit) Steel 40054 (40053 kit)
5/16" Replacement nozzle ceramic 40058 (50061 kit) Steel 40052 (40055 kit)

For Replacemnt Part Details Visit SH Industries
Price:  $419.00
Weight:  50.00