The Texas Twister Air Hammer Pulling Kit LTI Tools LT855

Part Number: LOC-LT855
This is the LTI-855A with the new components 5/8" /3/4" /New Tray / etc. Spring 2018 model!

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LTI Tools Loc Tech LT855A Texas Twister

•Now you can convert your air hammer into a pneumatic slide hammer with the Texas Twister.
•Simply snap the Texas Twister curved air bit into the collet of your hammer with one of the bits attached. Reverse the air hammer handle in your hand now using thumb to push the hammer trigger. Feel the 3000 air hammer blows per minute tuning into new pulling power.
•One hand operation allows you to hold parts with your other hand.
•Safe controlled part removal without parts and fluids crashing to the floor.
•Utilize air hammer pulling power where slide hammers won’t fit.
•Extend the reach of the tool by using the 20” extension.
•Use the double ended female ½-20 connector bar to connect the Texas Twister to your current pullers.

•TEXAS TWISTER - safe, powerful, fast, simple effective air hammer bits you will use every day.
•Patent Pending

Price:  $209.00
Weight:  13.00