Motor Guard Magna Stitcher

Part Number: MOT-MS-1-KIT
Do Plastic Repair with Your Stud Welder!
The Motor Guard Magna Stitcher MS 1 Kit turns your stud welder into a plastic repair tool. The MS-1 fits all popular stud welders and provides all the features of a plastic repair system at a fraction of the cost.

Reinforces broken components by inserting super strong, stainless steel stakes which stitch the part together prior to further repairs which may include plastic welding, filling and refinishing.

Use the Magna Stitcher to repair all thermoplastic parts including bumpers, fascias, headlamp housings, spoilers and more!

Stakes Included in Kit (20 each):

S-Shape Stake for repair of flat areas
M-Shape Stake for tabs and narrow sections.
V-Shape Stake for repair of inside corners
W-Shape Stake for repair of outside corners
Price:  $97.77
Weight:  1.00