SUR&R Auto Parts 3/16” E-Z Brake Line Replacement Kit

Part Number: SRR-BREZ316
• This professional 112Pc Kit can be used to quickly and safely create replacement brake lines to fit virtually any vehicle that requires 3/16” brake lines.
• The kit contains the most commonly used metric and standard fittings as well as 25’ of the unique flexible brake tubing, which can be easily bent by hand.
• The brake tubing’s proven reliability has been used by manufacturers such as; Aston Martin, Audi and Porsche.
• Easy-to-Use: Flexible brake tubing makes bending and flaring a breeze. No bending tool required.
• Safe: Conforms to SAE Hydraulic Brake Tubing Specifications, pressure rated up to 3,000 psi
• Cost Effective: Cuts labor time by more than 50%
• Brake Tubing will not rust or corrode. Backed by Lifetime Warranty
• Made in USA
Price:  $109.67
Weight:  4.50