ATV Fender Plastic Welding Welder Kit Urethane Supply

Part Number: USC-ATVPRO
• Ideal for making permanent, high-quality repairs to the
polyethylene plastic commonly used in ATV fenders, dirt bike
fenders, and fuel tanks.
• Repairs blend with the original plastic and produce a strong and
cosmetically pleasing repair.
• Very easy to use.
• Stronger repair on polyethylene than any adhesive.
• ATVPRO welder has three times as much welding rod, a morepowerful
80 watt heating element and stainless steel reinforcing
• Perfectly suited for the home repair shop of active outdoorsmen.
• Save hundreds of dollars and natural resources by repairing,
instead of replacing, plastic parts.

Kit includes:
6005HT 80 watt heating element 1
R04*-01-02-** Polyethylene rod 15 ft. 1/8” dia. 2
R02*-01-02-** Polypropylene rod 15 ft. 1/8” dia. 2
2045W Stainless steel reinforcing mesh 1
6027HT Standard welding tip 1
Welder Stand 1

Also includes detailed manual on how to use.
Price:  $59.67
Weight:  2.00