Power luber 12v Cordless Rechargeable Grease Gun by Lincoln

Part Number: LNC-1242
Lincoln Power luber cordless rechargeable grease gun has balanced design for ease of use. Continuous operation for faster service. Lincoln Powerluber features high pressure delivery for effective lubrication. Cordless grease gun has high capacity 12V battery for extended operation. Power Luber by Lincoln has Powerful 12V motor for greater efficiency. 3-Way loading for versatile refilling Comfortable ergonomic handle design. GREASE CARTRIGES NOT INCLUDED. See also keyword "1244" for the Powerluber w/extra battery. 12v motor delivers a consistent grease flow of up to 6000 PSI. Blow molded case included.

Field Charger for the Powerluber

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Price:  $197.67
Weight:  20.00