Vacutec Diagnostic Smoke Machine EVAP Approved

Part Number: VUT-PRO2000E
> 2-Year Warranty
> Comes with Free refill of UltraTraceUV ultraviolet smoke
solution, good for about 2-years of testing
> Utilizes factory-approved licensed technology from STAR EnviroTech, Inc
> Full-featured design; the same technology chosen by many OEMs for EVAP testing
> Patented UltraTraceUV solution deposits a fluorescent dye at the exact location of the leaks and is the only dye approved by automakers
> Two-minute Pass / Fail feature verifies .040" or .020" leaks in OBD-II vehicles
> Will not void OEM factory warranty
> Smoke out OBD-II EVAP codes
> All accessories included
> 500 tests per refill
> User refillable
> A must tool for OBD-II EVAP testing & general purpose leak testing
> Nitrogen-based for safer EVAP testing which meets automaker test requirements & uses shop-air for general purpose leak testing
> Microprocessor technology

Additional leaks found with EVAPro/2000E

• All EVAP System Leaks
• Vacuum Leaks
• Exhaust and EGR Leaks
• Under Dash Leaks
• Throttle Body Components
• Break Booster Leaks
• Turbo and Supercharger
• Head Gasket Leaks
• Vacuum Subsystems
• Injector O-Ring Leaks
• Wind/Water Leaks
• Oil Leaks
• Air Injection Leaks
• MAP Sensor Leaks
• ...and many more
Price:  $1,189.00
Weight:  27.00