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ATD 7431 Air-Actuated Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jacks

ATD-7431 ATD 7431 Air-Actuated Hydraulic Telescopic Transmission Jacks
  • Part Number: ATD-7431
  • Chrome-plated rams maximize its high reach operated by a user-friendly foot pedal
    Extra-wide base lowers center of gravity and promotes stability
    Rugged steel wheels and full swivel ball bearing casters
    A unique handy release pedal provides safety in lowering the load
    A compact, yet powerful Air Turbo Motor U.S. Patent No. 5,341,723 is equipped to raise the load to the desired height efficiently, effortlessly and safely
    Adjustable ratchet style saddle


    Nylon strap secures transmission to jack
    Capacity (Ton): 1/2
    Minimum Height: 37-7/8"
    Maximum Height: 77-5/8"
    Saddle Base: 8-7/8" x 12-7/8"
    Expandable Area: 11-1/2" to 21"
    Size: 34-1/8" L x 36-1/8" W
    Required psi: 110-175

  • Price:  $897.00
  • Weight:  196.00


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