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ATDD 7888 5-Stage Desiccant Air Drying System 1 Gallon

  • Part Number: ATD-7888
  • Inlet 1/2" 30 SCFM Outlet 1/2". Free 1 Gallon Desiccant Included.
  • •New Style Desiccant Drying System with rod in the bowl makes for easy desiccant replacement
    •First Stage - 5 micron particulate filter removes water in a liquid form as well as dirt, debris and pipe scale
    •Second Stage - .01 micron oil removing filter removes oil aerosols and microscopic particles
    •Third Stage - Desiccant dryer absorbs water vapor from the air, producing a -30°F dew point
    •Fourth Stage - 3 micron absolute filter filtrates desiccant dust
    •Fifth Stage - Precision regulator reduces pressure to required level
    ATD-7883 30 sCFM 5-Stage Air Desiccant Air Drying System with Desiccant Rod System positioned in the head
    Made in the U.S.A. 1 Year Warranty

    Inlet 1/2" 30 SCFM Outlet 1/2" 1 Gallon Desiccant

    All Metal 250psi max
  • Price:  $487.99
  • Weight:  25.00


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