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Wheelrite Bartec Tech 400SD TPMS

BTC-WRT400SD Wheelrite Bartec Tech 400SD TPMS
  • Part Number: BTC-WRT400SD
  • Bartec announces the latest in Combination TPMS Tool Technology, the TECH400SD! Improving on Bartec’s widely used TPMS Diagnostic and Programming tool, the added features will certainly help Tire Shops and Repair Facilities build their success in TPMS!

    The TECH400SD has market leading coverage for the diagnosis and repair of the TPMS of Domestic and Import vehicles. Through its uniquely robust OBD cable, the TECH400SD can diagnose problems and reset the TPMS control module of Asian makes such as Nissan, Honda, Subaru and Toyota. Also, because the TECH400SD is an activation tool, it can quickly activate the TPMS Sensors during a domestic car relearn on such makes as GM and Ford.

    Bartec listened to the market and have added three very important features to an already industry leading TPMS tool

    Removable Media Updating
    Fitted to the top of the TECH400SD is an SD Card slot. Using a commonly available SD card loaded with tool software, the end user no longer needs a PC, Laptop or internet connection to update their tool. Simply insert the SD card and follow the on screen instructions and within seconds, the TECH400SD is up to date and ready to use.

    On-board Relearn Procedures
    Possibly the most important feature improvement was including the TPMS relearn procedures on the tool. Now in the palm of their hand, the technician will have all the necessary instructions to properly use the tool to relearn, reset or program the vehicle’s TPMS. No longer is it necessary to go to alternative references or look up tables. Bartec has always offered the most complete information at the tool. Valuable data like sensor part number and technical specification right on the display. Including the relearn procedure in the tool, places all the critical information you need in the palm of your hand. The TECH400SD will be a technician’s most valuable tool!

    Raised Button Keypad
    This new feature provides long lasting use and an improved tactile feel for improved response and durability. Bartec was already known for supplying the more robust TPMS solution, the TECH400SD is even better!

    Additional Features:

    The TECH400SD has all the other industry leading features of the Tech400+ that include,

    Make Model Year look up (for accurate and efficient operation and diagnostics) including MY2013 coverage!
    Part number look up, including the ability to select different part number lists!
    Programs TPMS Sensors
    Easy to read display (even in bright day light)
    On-screen data reporting (including PSI, Battery, and sensor part number)
    VIN and DTC detection (new features to help with system diagnosis)
    Printable audit reports (helps with Test Before you Touch and troubleshooting)
    OBDII Connectivity and programming (necessary for programming Imported vehicles and some domestics)
    Programs BOTH Domestic and Import models (the broadest range of coverage)
    Key Fob signal and RF signal detection (in all known frequencies)
    Long lasting rechargeable battery (has been tested at more than 1000 cycles)
    Robust design for maximum life and use (this is especially important for the OBD cable)

    Bartec WRT400SD
  • Price:  $1,359.00
  • Weight:  5.00


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