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Allstart Boost Pro 12/24 Lithium Jump Starter Cal Van 570

  • Part Number: CAL-570
  • Weighs under 5 lbs. Peak Amps: 12V – 1200A, 24V – 600A
  • Cal Van 570 Allstart Booster Pack Jump Starter

    Introducing the Boost Pro 12/24 Lithium Jump Starter. Weighing in at under 5 lbs, the Boost Pro is easy to manage, easy to store, and offers best in class power. Boost Pro will easily charge most electronic devices through USB ports when you are on the go. Drop the 40 lb. boat anchor you are using today and pick up the lightweight Boost Pro.


    • Jumpstarting of Trucks, Cars, Equipment, Boats, ATV, Etc.
    • Charging of electronic devices phones, tablets, etc.


    • 12V and 24V jump-starter, back up charger for all brands of cellphones, tablets, and other portable electronics Powerful, 30,000mAh high capacity Nano Lithium batteries
    • Fast Charging with low Self-Discharge cycle
    • Cranking Amps: 12V-600A, 24V-300A
    •Peak Amps: 12V – 1200A, 24V – 600A
    • Includes built-in safety features for battery protection.
    • LCD Screen for battery status and user feedback.
    • Ultra-Bright LED Light
  • Price:  $255.00
  • Weight:  5.00


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40423 County Hwy. 1

Richville, MN 56576