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Jackco RZ300 Batteryless Jump Starter by Rezervo

  • Part Number: JAT-RZ-300
  • For Gasoline and Diesel Engines
    The REZERVO RZ 300 batteryless jump starter uses ultracapacitor technology. It is able to harness the power from your weak battery and boost it to start your car. With built-in intelligent circuitry designs, it also prevents you from making mistakes while using the jump starter.

    • Designed for both the professionals and DIY users
    • Simple and safe to use
    • No batteries inside
    • No need to wait hours to recharge
    • Even starts vehicles without a battery
    • Ideal for cold starts on engines
    • For gasoline and diesel engines
    • Built-in Reverse Polarity and Short Circuit Protection
    • Built-in voltmeter
    • No degradation in performance with subfreezing temperatures or age

    Input 12V DC 10A, 5V DC 2A
    Starting Current 300A
    Working Temperature -30°F to 140°F
    Recharge Time from Battery ~100 seconds
    Recharge Time from 12V Socket ~150 seconds
    Recharge Time from USB ~25 minutes

    View RZ300 Instructions

  • Price:  $127.97
  • Weight:  1.00


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