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Maglite 3 Watt LED 2D Cell Flashlight

MAG-ST2D036 Maglite 3 Watt LED 2D Cell Flashlight
  • Part Number: MAG-ST2D036
  • The Maglite flashlight, renowned for its quality, durability, and reliability, is now available with the new MAG-LED™ Technology. Designed for professional and consumer use, Maglite LED flashlights build on the experience in craftsmanship, engineering, and advanced technology evident in all Mag flashlights. The Maglite flashlight is internationally accepted as the Professional Flashlight. Built tough enough to last a lifetime, its
    durability and patented features now combined with the new MAG-LED™ Technology make the Maglite LED flashlight a technologically advanced lighting instrument. Available in 2, 3, & 4 Cell D size, the benefits include:
    • A Powerful Projecting Beam that focuses simply by rotating the head.
    • Balanced Optics™, combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED, for a brilliant adjustable beam.
    • Intelligent Energy Source
    Management (patent pending) balancing high brightness with extended battery life.
    • Interchangeable Light Sourcing - Use either the installed LED module or the Krypton lamp (stored in the tailcap).
  • Price:  $29.87
  • Weight:  0.50


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