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Shumacher 5amp 24 volt Automatic Charger

SMC-INC-2405 Shumacher 5amp 24 volt Automatic Charger
  • Part Number: SMC-INC-2405
  • 5 amp, 24 volt fully automatic, microprocessor controlled charger
    • Designed to be mounted to a flat surface
    • Includes quick-disconnect battery clamps, ring terminals and 3-pin XLR 3-12C cables
    • Charger status LED indicators
    • Multi-stage charging algorithm
    • Safe-start, reverse polarity and short circuit protection – the charger will not apply current to the battery clamps until they are properly connected
    • Maintain mode – monitors the battery voltage to keep it fully charged
    • Patent pending “thermal runaway” protection
    • Temperature controlled cooling fan for efficient operation and peak performance
    • Heavy duty aluminum case – weighs less than 2 pounds
    • Charges 24 volt lead-acid, AGM and gel cell batteries
    • UL/CUL approved
    • Perfect for mobilized wheelchairs, electric scooters, hospital beds and other battery powered devices with hard-to-access batteries
  • Price:  $62.67
  • Weight:  3.00


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