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Engine Ear Elite by Steelman

STL-97170 Engine Ear Elite by Steelman
  • Part Number: STL-97170
  • Electronic Car squeak and rattle noise finder.
  • Two modes of operation:

    Electronic stethoscope - Use to amplify sound during diagnosis or verification of proper component operation while shutting out surrounding sound
    Vibration Detection - Use to pinpoint noise and location of faulty bearings and bushings, noisy valves and lifters, broken or worn gear teeth, faulty fuel injectors, wind or air leaks, annoying squeaks and rattles
    Ergonomic handle design with dual-durometer grip
    Use noise-cancellation feature while in vibration detection mode to eliminate all background noise
    Mode selection switch with LED indicator
    Rotary volume control
    Detachable flex-wand with LED illuminated tip reaches the tightest areas
    Studio style head set with tangle free coil cord
    Non-conductive microphone will not zap computer circuitry
    Blow-molded storage case
    Automotive squeak and noise finder Steelman 97170
  • Price:  $97.95
  • Weight:  3.00


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