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Vacutec Smoke Machine EVAP Approved

VUT-EELD601 Vacutec Smoke Machine EVAP Approved
  • Part Number: VUT-EELD601
  • > 2-Year Warranty
    > Free refill of UltraTraceUV ultraviolet smoke
    solution, good for about 2-years of testing
    > Most economical OEM EVAP-Approved model
    > Utilizes factory-approved licensed technology from STAR EnviroTech, Inc
    > Patented UltraTraceUV solution - the only OEM-approved dye
    > Basic EVAP and general purpose applications
    > No manual flow control valve to worry about turning off! Our auto shutoff safety valve stops gas fumes from potentially filling your work bay
    > Auto-Correct EVAP pressure - not adjustable to avoid possible pressure damage to vehicle
    > Works with nitrogen or shop air to meet all OEM test requirements for all makes and models
    > Full range flow meter covers all EVAP leak ranges: gross (.080") small (.040") and very small (.020")
    > 500 tests per refill
    > User refillable

    Additional leaks found with EELD601

    • Vacuum Leaks
    • Exhaust Leaks
    • EGR Leaks
    • Under Dash Leaks
    • Throttle Body Components
    • Break Booster Leaks
    • Turbo and Supercharger
    • Head Gasket Leaks
    • Vacuum Subsystems
    • Injector O-Ring Leaks
    • Wind/Water Leaks
    • Oil Leaks
    • Air Injection Leaks
    • MAP Sensor Leaks
    • ...and many more
  • Price:  $959.00
  • Weight:  35.00


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