Solar 4735 Wheeled Battery Charger

Part Number: SOL-4735
40/10/2/200 Amp 12 Volt
The CHARGE IT! Solar 4735 provides fast, versatile battery charging and boosting 12 Volt batteries and vehicle systems. Features multiple automatic 12 Volt charging rates up to 40 Amps for convenience and 200 Amp engine starting assistance. Its angled control panel allows easy observation during the application and its compact design makes it easy to transport throughout the shop.

12 Volt Charging
Fully automatic operation
40 Amp 12V fast charge rate
10 Amp 12V medium charge rate
2 Amp 12V low charge rate
200 Amp 12V engine starting assistance
Digital display with 7-segment readout
Reverse polarity protection
Battery fault detection
Full size clamps penetrate battery corrosion
Meets all efficiency requirements


Operating Voltage : 12V
12V Charging Rates : 40/10/2A
12V Engine Start Rating : 200A
Operational Mode : Automatic
Display Type : 7-Segment + LED
Weight : 33 lbs.
Warranty : 1 Year Limited
UPC : 010271024346
Price:  $169.67
Weight:  34.00