Bartec WRT200BT TPMS Activation Tool

Part Number: BTC-WRT200BT
With Bluetooth!
The TECH200 is the TPMS Activation tool with a bit more. This revolutionary tool has wireless Bluetooth capability!
Quickly and easily test TPMS sensors, and then wirelessly send the data to your PC or Bluetooth printer.
The TECH200 is the perfect choice for the Total TPMS Process. Test Before you Touch is the best way to keep from inheriting existing TPMS problems!

TECH200 Features

Comprehensive TPMS coverage, including 2013 models
Wireless capability using Bluetooth
Make-Model-Year menu (MMY)
Lightweight, ergonomic design
Clearly arranged 3-button key pad
Rechargeable battery
USB port

TECH200 Benefits

Activates and reads all known OE TPM sensors
MMY makes sure correct sensor is activated, avoids crosstalk
Integration into TPMS HUB via Bluetooth
Easy to operate with only 3 keys
Low cost entry level tool
Price:  $448.00
Weight:  1.00