Electronic Specialties Starter Buddy 165

Part Number: ESI-165
Electronic Specialties has introduced its model 165 Starter Buddy, which diagnoses starting/cranking problems.

This product performs a live cranking test on the vehicle to determine exactly which part of the electrical circuit has the issue.

Starter Buddy works on both 12- and 24-volt systems and includes a DVD with extensive product training by Dan Sullivan.

When vehicles display hard-start or no-start conditions, often there is some resistance in the electrical circuit. This robs the starter of cranking power. The problem can be corrosion in the starter positive cable, corrosion in the starter ground cable or grounding, bad connections at the battery posts or simply loose connections.

The best way to find the resistance issues is to perform a voltage drop test. However, doing static point-to-point voltage drop testing can be very time consuming.

Starter Buddy makes three connections to the vehicle then samples the live cranking voltage at each point. Starter Buddy pinpoints any excessive voltage drops and identifies which part of the circuit has the problem. One connection is made, one crank tells the story.

Included with the Starter Buddy is a DVD with three 15-minute videos explaining, teaching and demonstrating the process.

Starter Buddy is made in USA by ESI. It is covered by a one-year warranty and includes zippered carrying case, DVD and instruction manual.
Price:  $99.00
Weight:  1.00