Solar 4520 Smart Battery Charger

Part Number: SOL-4520
12 Volt 20/10/2 Amp Smart Charger
The Only Tool You'll Need for All of Your Battery Management Tasks. With the CHARGE IT!® 4500 Series, everything in your garage can be kept charged up and ready for use. Big or small, summer or winter, no matter what type of lead acid battery it utilizes.

With multiple charge rates and the ability to properly charge many battery types, CHARGE IT! is your go-to battery service tool for everything from motorcycles and personal watercraft to cars, trucks, SUVs and more.

12 Volt Operation
20 amp fast charge rate
10 amp medium charge rate
2 amp low charge rate
Automatic operation
Properly charges multiple battery types
Smart clamp technology for ease and safety
Polarity protection
Soft start mode for deeply discharged batteries
Digital display alerts to charging progress
Unique, lightweight design
Integrated cable management

Operating Voltage : 12V
Charging Rates : 20/10/2A
Operational Mode : Automatic
Display Type : 7-Segment LED
Smart Clamp Technology : Yes
Polarity Protection : Yes
Weight : 4.0 lbs.
Warranty : 1 Year Limited
Price:  $58.67
Weight:  4.00