Associated 12-2415 12/24 Volt Hand Held Battery-Electrical System Tester

Part Number: ASO-12-2415
With Printer Blow Molded Case and Free Associated 12-2416 Bar Code Scanner good until March 31 2019!
The model 12-2415 analyzer performs 12V battery and electrical systems testing including the ripple diode test and earth ground as well as 24V starter and alternator systems. The tester has an integrated thermal printer with customizable header for shop use as well as the ability to key-in particulars for the battery model, vehicle license plate and customer name and is reverse-polarity protected.

Product Features:
Fully graphical display solves language barrier issues
Multi-function testing of battery, starter, alternator, earth ground
Test 12V batteries and electrical systems (including ripple diode test and earth ground)
Test 24V starter and alternator systems
Reverse polarity protected (if reverse hookup, will NOT turn on)
Integrated thermal printer for direct print out of result after each test and customizable header on printout
Key-in particulars for battery model, vehicle plate, customer name to be printed on test results
Internal memory storage of up to 70 tests allowing multi-vehicle testing
Test wide range of batteries including WET, AGM Spiral or Flat Plate, EFB (Stop-Start) and GEL
Multiple rating system compatible (CCA/SAE, CA/MCA, DIN, EN1, EN2, IEC, JIS#)
PC Link – connect laptop/computer via USB cable for printout
Durable blow molded carry case for tester, scanner, paper
Optional barcode scanner (12-2416) to scan battery barcodes for battery warranty claim purposes (SOLD SEPARATELY)
CE & RoHS Compliant

Operating Voltage: 9V-36V DC (Max)
Analyzing Capacity (Amps) Automotive 12V: 100A-2000A
Motorcycle 12V: 40A-600A
Battery Analysis Time: Approximately 8 seconds
Internal Memory Storage: Stores up to 70 Test Results
Replaceable DC Lead Length: 64” with Clamps
Weight: 7 LBS.
Warranty: 1 Year
Dimensions: 25”x13.25”x5.5”
Optional Barcode Scanner: Model 12-2416 Sold separately. Scan barcodes on batteries to link battery test to vehicle battery
Price:  $387.00
Weight:  5.00