Uview A/C Universal Spotgun Dye Cartridge 8oz.

Part Number: UVW-499108
8 oz. / 240 mL A/C ExtenDye Cartridge Uview 499108A
Uview universal Spotgun A/C Dye.

The best selling 8 oz./240 ml dye cartridge.
64 applications. Comes with service labels.

Added Features to ExtenDye:

1.Super-concentrated UV dye detects leaks quickly, saving time and money. Use the same quantity of A/C ExtenDyeâ„¢ per application as our Universal A/C dye

2.Friction modifier increases lubricity (less friction) of the compressor oil, improving efficiency (friction coefficient) by over 50% and improving fuel economy.

3.Anti-wear additive creates a film that prevents contact between metal parts ; reducing friction and heat, thereby extending component life. Effectively quiets noisy compressors.

4.Antioxidant stops the oxidation process, reduces acidity and prolongs oil life.

Uview 499108
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