Tire Pressure Monitor Torque Wrench

Part Number: OTC-3833-25
The new TPM Electronic Torque Wrench provides key features specifically designed for TPM sensor applications, while also doubling as a standard in.–lb. torque wrench.


12–120 in.–lb. (1-14 Nm)
Torque set quickly with unique slide bar on the scale.
Indexing head allows for use straight (screwdriver position) to spin nut
down quickly.
Rotate to 90º position to torque and leverage.
Torque limit LED flashes with audible beep.
Power switch with LED indicator.
Uses coin style batteries.
Approximately 8.5" long.
A standard torque wrench for use in all torque application within the range.
Ease of use.
Green light for power on / red light and buzzer for reaching target signal.
Flash red for overload signal.
No need to unwind like mechanical design to ensure calibration accuracy.
Access, speed, and leverage are all possible.


Range: 12–120 in.–lb.
Accuracy: ± 2%.
Price:  $139.67
Weight:  0.50