Motorvac 500 0100 Cool Smoke EVAP Leak Detection Machine

Part Number: MOV-500-0100
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The Motorvac 500-0100 safer, healthier technology. Uses no heat to create high visibility smoke!
Using 0.5psi pressure control, Cool Smoke has the
highest flow rate of any smoke machine
Instant, high performance vapor enriched with UV dye
Ready for future EVAP Systems
Rugged housing and built-in adapter storage
Uses 12 volt DC with only 1 amp draw rate

Patented “Cold Smoke” Technology
• Does not use a heat source to produce smoke
• No warm up time, produces smoke instantly
• No risk of explosion/combustion inside unit
• Operates with shop air
• No harmful vapors from burning of oil
Dual Mode Leak Detection
• Test for leaks with or without smoke
• Verify repairs
• Test for leaks during routine maintenance
UV Dye Enhanced Smoke solution
• Leaves a UV dye stain at the source of the leak,
eliminates guessing
Automatic Safety Shut Off
• Shuts off the flow of air when the machine is off
• Safe for unattended operation
Pressure and Vacuum Gauge
• Allows for pressure and vacuum decay testing
On Board Storage Cabinet Design
• Allows for convenient storage of all adapters,
caps, cones and accessories

Cone Adapter-Used to apply smoke into intake and exhaust systems

Cap Plug Set-Used to plug internal and external openings ranging in size from 1 5/32” to 4 1/4”

Schrader Removal/Installation Tool

EVAP Service Port Adapter Fitting-Used to connect to OBD-II
EVAP Systems

Smoke Diffuser-
Used for finding wind and water leaks

50 Watt Lamp-Powerful white light makes it easy to find smoke
(16 ft./4.88 M power cable w/ battery clips)

UV Dye Enhanced Smoke Solution 200ml/6.8 oz. (PN: 400-1054)-
Good for over 300 tests

Optional Accessory UV Phazer NEO-(PN: 413025) High output UV LED (See Related items below)
Price:  $879.00
Weight:  19.00