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When you are looking for a Robinair for your shop one of the best places to find one at a reasonable price is Tool Desk. They offer only the best in cool tech systems; their newest system offers a fully automatic function to make your repair job easier. There is also an automotive dye injector to allow you to inject ultra violet dye in to a vehicle's air conditioning system. You can also flush out the air conditioning unit with much more ease. With the newest model, you can also save by printing before and after service information so the customer will know more about the vehicle they are purchasing.

Their fully automatic function will allow you to program the Robinair to recover information about the vehicle without operating any panel valves. This will include the vacuum and leak test some of the more important information you will need for repairing the vehicle in your shop. Knowing what you are working with is one of the fastest ways to get a vehicle repaired and out of your shop faster. This will also satisfy your customers more because they will know you always do a repair right the first time and they can rely on your shop any time.

The new Robinair also gives you the ability to inject ultra violet dye in to a vehicle's air conditioning system. This is great for preserving the air conditioning unit longer and ensuring the vehicle will not be back in your shop as much. When the vehicle is not in the shop as often or the customer notices that you always try to fix the problem right the first time they will want to return to your shop for all of their future repair needs, they are also more likely to recommend your shop to friends and families.

With the Robinair, you can also flush out the air conditioning system for a cleaner running system. When the air conditioning unit is not used often or is used too often oil and other liquids can build up inside and this will cause the system to have problems. Using the Robinair to flush the air conditioning system with refrigerant will remove the residue and have the air conditioning system running better than ever. This will provide your customers with a cool ride for the rest of the hot months ahead.

Most customers will want to know what condition their vehicle is in before you start working on the repair. With the Robinair, you can print the service information on the vehicle before you start working on it. When all of the repairs are finished, you can than give the customer a new report on all the service done on the vehicle.

To find more information about the Robinair and other vehicle checking systems visit Tool Desk on the internet at or you can call them toll free at 1-877-630-6963 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you. They are trained to answer all of your questions about vehicle repair equipment and tools.

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