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Presenting the PV2 series of Affordable Inspection Scopes from ProVision. Featuring advanced electronics and a more ergonomic and refined design, the PV2 Fiberscope is the ultimate in efficient yet affordable inspection technology. True one handed operation is possible along with a stay-on self timed switch with diode indicator, a more robust focusing mechanism, rugged battery access door and secure threaded accessories. The PV2 will also feature an increased pixel count of 7400 in the standard scope line without any loss in size! “See-It, and Fix-It”® more efficiently with the PV2!


  • Higher Resolution Fiber Optics
  • Stay on internal switch (7 min.)
  • Excellent Low Cost

Provision '2-In-1' Scope System:
The '2-In-1' Fiber Optic Scope System features the flexible, thin ability of our 5.8mm shaft along with an additional 'Obedient' shaft that can be added easily to give you the ability of 2 scopes in one package! Thin and flexible in 5.8 mm configuration and obedient to your desired shape. All you have to do is unscrew the base cap and thread the obedient shaft onto the end of the scope. With-in minutes you have a 'Obedient' Provision scope! The '2-In-1' borescope also utilizes the finest in accessories. Featuring a more solid threaded design, you can attach a magnet or a 90 degree side view mirror with less fear of falling off. The '2-In-1' boroscope comes complete with a 36" long 1/2" diameter obedient flexible shaft, a 36" long 1/4" diameter screw-on non-obedient shaft, threaded mirror, threaded magnet and extra bulb.

All packaged in a molded carrying case.

borescope graphic.jpg
boroscope pic.jpg
More robust focusing lever
fiber optic scope graphic
Secure threaded accessories
fiberscope image.jpg
New enhanced stay-on trigger with LED indicator


Provision 2 in 1 Model SLI-PV2636-21 36" shaft Only $295.67   Qty:

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