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Infrared thermometer

 non contact temperature measurement. 
MT2, MT4, ST20, ST30, ST60, ST80 by Raytek. Enjoy tax free savings and fast shipping on the infrared thermometer of your choice. Save on all infrared non contact temperature measurement products. Available with laser sighting for quick accurate temperature measurement.

Infared Thermometer by Raytek

Infrared thermometer features laser sighting for fast accurate temperature measurement. With the exception of the Raytek MT2, all Raytek thermometers feature either single or multiple point laser sighting. This feature allows the infrared thermometer to quickly zero in on the target enabling the user to see the exact point of temperature measurement. Rugged and durable, the Raytek infrared thermometer is truly the choice of professionals and home users alike.

Pistol like sytling, light weight and ergonomic design make non contact measurement a snap. Order your non contact thermometer today and save!

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Raytek Infrared Thermometer RTK-MT4 and RTK-ST80 shown
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Infrared Thermometer applications include:

  • Mechanics
  • Welders  
  • Plumbers
  • Inspectors   
  • Carpenters  
  • HVAC Repair   
  • Electricians   
  • Law Enforcement  
  • Home Inspectors   
  • Home Owners   ... and many more   

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