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ATD Euro/GM Oil Socket Set

  • Part Number: ATD-5233
  • Features:

    A set of metric socket oil filter wrenches covering a broad range of applications on both domestic vehicles and imports, such as Audi, BMW, GM and VW
    These durable and high-quality forged 3/8” drive sockets are designed to last

    Set Includes:

    27mm Socket Applications: Mercedes-Benz 1.8L I4, Cadillac STS 3.2L V6
    32mm Socket Applications: Saabs, 2.2L GM Ecotec
    36mm Socket Applications: BMW M52, M60, M62, M70 and M73 engines; M-B OM604, 605 and 606 engines; Audi and VW VR6 engines

  • Price:  $19.95
  • Weight:  2.00


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