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Bartec EZ Sensor Starter Kit

BTC-WRTEZS-STK30 Bartec EZ Sensor Starter Kit
  • Part Number: BTC-WRTEZS-STK30
  • One Sensor for all Makes
    Snap-In Design
    Quick Programming
    Rapid Turnaround
    Reduced Inventory Levels
    Will eventually cover 90% of TPMS Sensors
    Save money & fit the right part
    From Schrader® the worldwide leader
    Over 100 years experience
    Fast simple assembly to the wheel rim
    No nut or torque profiles
    Based on patented Snap-In design
    Steel & Aluminium wheels
    Fast simple Programming
    Works with Schrader® 21230
    Works with Bartec TECH400 tools

    Schrader EZ-sensorâ„¢ sensors
    Aluminum Valve Stems
    Training DVD
    Programming Fixture
    Quick Start Guide
    User Guide
    Application Guide
  • Price:  $473.95
  • Weight:  2.00


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