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Cal Van Microboost Allstart 540

  • Part Number: CAL-540
  • 200 Cold Cranking Amps. Latest version updated 10/16/2020
  • Features:
    The smallest and lightest portable power unit on the market. Easily stored in glovebox, center console or purse
    Features include 12V emergency start, LED flashlight and USB port for device use and charging
    Multiple built in safety features
    200 Cold Cranking Amps
    Uses 8000mAh high capacity, high power, battery, that is fast charging and has low self-discharge, cycles can reach 1000 times.
    Three (3) lighting modes: Standard, Strobe, SOS
    Includes patented technology
    Dimensions: 5? L x 3? H x 1? W
    Weight: .75 lbs

    Case: Included

    Cal Van Allstart Calvan 540 micro boost
  • Price:  $54.88
  • Weight:  4.00


Contact Info

40423 County Hwy. 1

Richville, MN 56576