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Ezline Laser Multi-Alignment Tool by Ezred

EZR-EZLINEB1SW Ezline Laser Multi-Alignment Tool by Ezred
  • Part Number: EZR-EZLINEB1SW
  • Complete Package, W/software
  • Frame and body shops find the EZLINE very resourceful and cost effective. Situations that used to require sending to an alignment shop can now be dealt with in your own shop with the EZLINE. For example: Triangling frames to check alignment, Replacing ties rod ends and bringing toe setting to factory specs, Steering wheel replacement, Rear axle alignment and many more applications.

    4 Magnetic Self-Centering Lasers
    32ft. / 10M Measuring Tape
    2 Magnetic 5th Wheel Pin Adapters
    Durable Storage/Travel Case.
    Alignment Bars
    Hub Adapter
    Multipurpose measurement capabilities, saves time and money!
    For heavy trucks and all types of trailers.
    E-Z, fast, precise axle & wheel alignment.
    All measurements can be made in less than 10 minutes.
    Simple 2 step instructions.
    Compact design, easy transport and storage.
    The EZLINE has many other uses in the Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Industry.
    The EZLINE makes obtaining alignment readings on most trailer types very simple and fast,
    from RVs to Commercial trailers.
    Any vehicle that has a toe setting can be adjusted quickly and accurately using the EZLINE
    with the addition of a straight bar and bungee cords. Obtain measurements and set toe to
    factory specifications on almost any vehicle, from semi tractors to golf carts.
    Classic car enthusiasts have found numerous EZLINE uses in their shops that makes set
    ups simpler, more accurate and easier than with previous methods.
    Both dirt and asphalt motorsports racing crews find the EZLINE very useful in their set ups.
  • Price:  $2,205.00
  • Weight:  35.00


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