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Ingersoll Rand Heavy Duty Air Nibbler

ING-325B Ingersoll Rand Heavy Duty Air Nibbler
  • Part Number: ING-325B
  • Get a bigger bite and better angle cuts with our air nibbler. Instead of shearing or sawing, the tool actually “nibbles” cold rolled steel, plastic, tin, aluminum, and other metals, up to 18 gauge thicknesses at a rate of more than 6 ft. per minute. It’s ideal for paint and auto body shops, tinsmiths, and sheet metal shops. Cuts out quarter panels without distorting the edges of the material. Starts cuts in the center of a panel. Holds a tight 1/4" radius with great accuracy. Easy to operate and control. Balanced, lightweight tool.
  • Price:  $164.88
  • Weight:  3.00


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