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KD Tools 850DD Piston Ring Compressor Set

KDT-850DD KD Tools 850DD Piston Ring Compressor Set
  • Part Number: KDT-850DD
  • Install pistons from 2-7/8 to 4-3/8" (73 to 111mm). Pliers can be used parallel or perpendicular to the cylinder block. Fine-tooth ratcheting lock allows you to compress bands in small increments. Set works by placing a band around the piston, covering the rings and hooking pliers into the band and squeezing. With the band tightly around the piston, insert piston into cylinder and tap lightly with hammer handle to install. Set includes pliers and 6 bands, 1119 through 1124.
  • Price:  $82.67
  • Weight:  1.00


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