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Lisle Tools 46800 Master Inner Tie Rod Tool Set

LIS-46800 Lisle Tools 46800 Master Inner Tie Rod Tool Set
  • Part Number: LIS-46800
  • Works on Inner Tie Rods with Inaccessible Wrench Flats!

  • Includes all 9 crowsfeet to work on many applications. The long socket slips over the tie rod end and the crowfoot engages on the socket for easy removal and installation. The inner tie rod can be removed and installed without removing the rack. The kit comes in a molded case for storage. Comes with blow molded case designed to hold up to 4 additional crowsfeet as new applications are discovered.

    Fits many applications on cars and light trucks. Crowsfeet sizes: 29mm, 1-3/16", 1-1/4", 32.5mm, 1-5/16", 33.6mm, 1-3/8", 1-7/16", and 1-1/2".

    Select proper crowsfoot size and place on socket of tie rod. Place handle over the tie rod and align tabs on the crowsfoot. Insert crowsfoot into slots in handle and turn retainer to lock in place. Turn tool assembly with 1/2" square drive.
  • Price:  $92.67
  • Weight:  5.00


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