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Lisle 58850 Oil Pan Rethreader

LIS-58850 Lisle 58850 Oil Pan Rethreader
  • Part Number: LIS-58850
  • Removes Damaged Thread and Taps a New Oversize Thread.
    This set includes a piloted drill, spring-loaded tapping tool and 5 magnetic drain plugs. The unique tapping tool ensures the new thread will be perpendicular to the gasket surface to prevent leakage. Works on soft steel and aluminum oil pans with 1/2", 12mm & 14mm threads. Can be used on the vehicle when room permits. 58650 Plugs & Gaskets (Set of 5) 58880 Piloted Drill Assembly 58900 Tap

  • Price:  $94.95
  • Weight:  3.00


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