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Lisle Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool

LIS-59000 Lisle Ratcheting Serpentine Belt Tool
  • Part Number: LIS-59000
  • Will work where conventional breaker bars won't fit!
  • Releases Tension on Serpentine Belts With a Spring Loaded Idler Pulley.

    Ratcheting head with freewheel position allows maximum leverage. Set ratcheting head to the middle or neutral/freewheel position and once maximum travel point is reached simply click lever into place to lock the ratchet mechanism. Comes with extension for hard-to-reach idler pulleys. This tool will work where conventional ratchets or breaker bars won't fit due to limited access. Now includes 19mm socket for Honda and Toyota applications.

  • Price:  $54.95
  • Weight:  10.00


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