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Mayhew 60005 Dominator Weld Wakker Wacker

MAY-60005 Mayhew 60005 Dominator Weld Wakker Wacker
  • Part Number: MAY-60005
  • 2 Piece Seam Cutting Chisel SetUnique, Two-Sided Cutting Bevels!
  • Easily separate spot welds or bonded panels. For quarter panels, rockers and any other pinch welds. Sharpened end allows for penetration between the panels, and the sharpened edge allows for side impact to drive the panels apart without damage. Strikable handle end cap and side edge of tool. Heat treated & tempered. Blade extends through to end cap. Patented two-composite soft grip handle with metal end cap for striking. Contains one EDP# 42020 3/8" steel x 11-3/4" Long, 1" Cut, and one EDP# 42021 1/2" steel x 14-1/2" Long, 1-1/4" Cut.

  • Price:  $29.77
  • Weight:  5.00


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