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Motorvac 200 1145 Pressurized Induction Tool Kit with Carbon Clean GDi 400-225

  • Part Number: Motorvac-200-1145
  • Helps you perform an effective induction service on Direct or Conventional Fuel Injected Engines.
  • Motorvac 200-1145 Fuel system injector injection cleaner

    Can be used to clean induction system through the air intake or through a vacuum line.
    Tool comes complete with S-tool and vacuum line attachment.
    Easy to read gauge for accurate pressure settings.
    Sight glass allows the Technician to monitor chemical level – no guessing when the service is complete.
    Schrader valve on gauge assembly allows for simple, safe depressurization of the system when the service is complete.

    Includes: Carbon Clean GDi Fuel Induction System Kit 400-2225:
    Rapid One Tank Injector & Fuel System Clean Up
    Removes carbon from the intake valves and combustion chamber
    Super concentrated detergent package rapidly cleans fuel system including injectors and intake valves

    Part No. 400-2225
    Includes one each of:
    Part No. 400-2425 16oz. Induction System Cleaner
    Part No. 400-2001 12oz. Fuel System Cleaner
  • Price:  $359.00
  • Weight:  1.00


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