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Fascar Brake Fluid Test Strips

PHO-FASCAR-1-100 Fascar Brake Fluid Test Strips
  • Part Number: PHO-FASCAR-1-100
  • Tube of 100 Strips
  • BrakeStrip™ is an easy to use copper brake fluid test that quickly and accurately informs the user if brake fluid needs to be replaced based upon the fluid’s copper level content; all in accordance with MAP guidelines.* This revolutionary product features Phoenix Systems’ patented FASCAR® technology that identifies the exact level of copper ions in brake fluid. Copper is an early sign of corrosion in a brake system. Without correction with new fluid, corrosion can be extremely damaging to a brake system, compromising the integrity and safety of your brakes.

    •Packaged in tubes of 100 strips
    •Identifies bad brake fluid in 60 seconds
    •Simple and easy to use
    •Not a moisture or petroleum test
    •The only MAP approved Copper test
    •Less than $1.00 a test
    •3 year accuracy guarantee
    •Improve brake fluid exchange service by 400%

  • Price:  $69.99
  • Weight:  0.20


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