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Sheffield SmarTach Digital Diesel and Gas Engine Tachometer

SHE-TA303 Sheffield SmarTach Digital Diesel and Gas Engine Tachometer
  • Part Number: SHE-TA303
  • TA303 Features

    •Advanced technology for measuring RPM in Diesel and gasoline engines without complicated or lengthy setups.
    •Works with Diesel, Gasoline, GNC and any other piston engines equipped with an alternator.
    •Measures from 200 to 9999 RPM
    •For 1 to 12 cylinders and 2 or 4 cycle engines
    •Does not require:
    Contact with any part of the engine
    Maintaining line of sight of rotating parts
    Placing optical or magnetic sensors on the engine
    •Two types of cables adaptors and one extension cable allows to take RPM readings away from hot or moving parts in the engine.

    Simple and easy to use

    •Read RPM from the driver seat by connecting it to
    the cigarette lighter socket or from the engine bay
    by connecting directly to the battery.
    •Select the number of cylinders and cycles for the
    •Press the calibration button to start reading RPM
    within a few seconds.

    Technical Specifications

    •Display: Large 4-1/2 Digits LCD + number of cycles and number of cylinders indicators.
    •Tachometer Range: 200 to 9,999 RPM
    •Number of Cylinders: 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10 and 12
    •Number of Cycles: 2 and 4 Cycles
    •Accuracy: ± 0.5% + 2 LSD
    •Response time: < 0.3 Seconds (above 200 RPM)
    •Input connector: BNC Jack
    •Cables and accessories:
    59" (1.5 m) cigarette lighter socket connector
    79" (2.0 m) with battery alligator clips
    118" (3.0 m) extension
    •Physical dimensions : 6.4"(H) x 4.0"(W) x 1.5"(D) or 160 mm x 102 mmx 38 mm - including holster but excluding cables
    •Weight: 9.0 oz. or 255 g (without cables)

    Electrical Specifications

    •Input voltage range: 9 to 42 Volt DC
    •Maximum input voltage: ± 42 Volt DC / 30 Volt AC
    •Power consumption: 0.15 Amperes DC maximum
  • Price:  $229.00
  • Weight:  5.00


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