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Smartach and COP Ignition Analyzer

SHE-TA500 Smartach and COP  Ignition Analyzer
  • Part Number: SHE-TA500
  • Multisystem ignition analyzer Sheffield TA500

    Measures spark plug voltage from 0 to 50000 Volt
    Measures spark burn time from 0 to 10 ms
    Special antenna sensor allows quick testing of Coil on Plug and Coil near Plug modules, and easy hook-up to spark plug and ignition coil wires
    No ground wire connections required, for fast troubleshooting
    Multiple diagnostic applications are described in comprehensive User's Handbook (Included)

    Tachometer function

    For 1 to 12 cylinders and 2, 4 cycles with special DIS (Distributor-less or waste spark) mode.
    Measures from 200 to 20000 RPM on a 4-1/2 digits LCD display
    Advanced microcontroller technology yields 0.5 % accuracy
    Works on Coil on plug, Coil near Plug, DIS (Distributorless or waste spark), Conventional, Magneto and other spark ignition system.

    Simple and easy to use

    Ignition Analyzer: Place the antenna's capacitive sensor on top of the Coil on Plug module, or over a spark plug or ignition coil wire. Spark peak voltage and spark burn time are displayed.

    Tachometer: Set the number of cycles and type of ignition system, and then either place the capacitive sensor on a coil on plug module or spark plug wire, and RPM is displayed.

    Selectable display functions: The display can be set to show all three (RPM, spark burn time and spark plug voltage)measurements simultaneously, or one of the selected measurements with real time maximum and minimum readings.

    Spark capture mode: Maximum and minimum captures the spark peak voltage and spark burn time for testing of ignition systems for no start conditions diagnosis.

    Protective rubber holster
    Hard padded case for carrying and storage
    9 Volt alkaline battery
    User's Manual
  • Price:  $228.77
  • Weight:  3.00


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