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Pro Logix 8 amp Automatic Battery Charger by Solar

SOL-PL2208 Pro Logix 8 amp Automatic Battery Charger by Solar
  • Part Number: SOL-PL2208
  • SOLAR Pro-Logix automatic battery chargers control several variables through each phase of the charging process to ensure that each battery gets an optimal charge. This means that batteries are charged better and faster, avoiding damage to the battery and resulting in improved reserve capacity. SOLAR Pro-Logix automatic battery chargers deliver numerous feature enhancements to make battery charging, quicker, easier and more assured for today’s professional.

    Using Active Filtering Technology with Charge Control Circuitry, the charger reads the battery’s characteristics and delivers energy in a manner that is best for the battery, in essence allowing the battery to pull the energy from the charger rather than forcing it on the battery. This results in an optimal charge, with more power absorbed and maximum reserve capacity restored.

    • Fully automatic operation.
    • Active Filtering Technology with Charge Control Circuitry adjusts power delivery based on the characteristics of the battery being charged.
    • Unique Quad-Phase charging process delivers optimal charge.
    • Simple set up for each charging application, with “Push and Go” One-Touch Control: just select the battery size and the charger automatically executes the unique Quad-Phase charging process.
    • Compatible with a wide variety of battery types and sizes, including Conventional, Maintenance Free, AGM, Gel Cell, Deep Cycle and Marine batteries.
    • AC input compensation allows optimal charge to be delivered despite AC input variances.
    • Ambient temperature compensation adjusts charge based on temperature.

    Manual / Automatic
    Operating Voltage 12 Volt
    Max 12 Volt
    Charging Amps 8
    Active Filtering Technology
    Quad-Phase Charging Process
    Shipping Weight 5.3 lbs.
    Warranty 1 Year Limited
  • Price:  $73.63
  • Weight:  6.00


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