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Steelman 96254 TPMS Basic Service Tool kit

  • Part Number: STL-96254
  • TPMS tool kit with Torque Wrench, 3 deep drive chrome sockets (10-12mm), Valve Core Torque Tool and Organizer Pouch.
  • Steelman 96254 Tire Pressure Monitoring Kit includes:

    •Includes service tools required to properly service and maintain valve stem type TPMS sensors
    •Tighten down fasteners to a pre-selected torque setting without over tightening or stripping valve stem
    •Includes sockets commonly used on sensor retaining nuts
    •P/N 96249 - ¼” Drive Micro Adjustable Torque Wrench (30-150 in-lbs)
    •P/N 96229 - Valve Core Torque Tool (4 in-lbs)
    •P/N 301330 - 1/4” Drive 10mm Deep Chrome Socket
    •P/N 301331 - 1/4” Drive 11mm Deep Chrome Socket
    •P/N 301332 - 1/4” Drive 12mm Deep Chrome Socket
    •Handy Zipper Pouch Organizer

  • Price:  $82.97
  • Weight:  1.00


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