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Sunex 9813 3pc. Flexible Pick Up Tool Set

SUN-9813 Sunex 9813 3pc. Flexible Pick Up Tool Set
  • Part Number: SUN-9813
  • Sunex 9813 Set Includes:

    1/4" Bit Driver
    1/4" Socket Driver
    2 in 1 Magnetic Claw Pick-Up Tool

    •Flexible ends bend to desired angles to enable quick removal of screw clamps
    •Extra long 24" length shafts with total flexibility provide access to those hard to reach areas
    •1/4" Bit Socket Driver accepts all standard bits
    •1/4" Socket Driver can be used with all 1/4" sockets and bit sockets
    •Pick-up tool can be used as a claw or magnet to enable easy retrievals in hard to reach areas
  • Price:  $27.77
  • Weight:  2.00


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