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Cheetah Bead Seater Tire Service Equipment TSI CH5

TSI-CH5 Cheetah Bead Seater Tire Service Equipment TSI CH5
  • Part Number: TSI-CH5
  • Please call for price and availability
  • With all the specialty tires and rims on the market, seating the bead can be tough. Cheetah's seating tool makes the job simple, safe and economical. 6 Gal. capacity with ASMW certfified tank. Designed for large truck tire (24.5"), auto and ATV tires.

    The welded tab on the Cheetah barrel allows it to lock securely on the rim edge for better control of air discharge between the tire and wheel. The Cheetah safely rests on your leg at a 45° angle to the wheel. this gives satability and easy access to the discharge valve. The discharge valve design allows tank discharge in one quick motion. All Cheetahs are equipped with three safety features. The safety release valve is pre-set a 160psi. The on/off ball valve allows controlled filling of the tank. The large air guage accurately monitors tank air volume.

    Cheetah Bead Seater for Tires TSI CH5
  • Price:  $0.00
  • Weight:  7.00


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