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Uni-Ram Blast-Vac Sandblaster

UNI-UR007Y Uni-Ram Blast-Vac Sandblaster
  • Part Number: UNI-UR007Y
  • Makes automotive sand blasting a snap!
  • Uniram Heavy Duty Automatic Blast-Vac Unit. Ideally suited for autobody, foundry work, machine shops and other industrial applications. Self-contained abrasive recycling system saves money while keeping the work environment clean. Comes complete with 8ft vacuum hose, abrasive feeder hose and heavy-duty blast gun assembly. Vacuum turbine system is powered by electric motor operating at over 19,500 RPM. Dust, debris and abrasive are sucked back into the Blast Vac at over 100 CFM.. Uses four stages to separate dust and debris from abrasive. Power: 1000Watt, 110/120V, 60 cyl. Weight 69lbs. box dimension 20x18x44. 20ft. hose optional. Please call for details.
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  • Price:  $1,187.00
  • Weight:  70.00


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